The international forum "Renewable energy for regional development" brings together Russian and foreign market participants, representatives of relevant ministries and departments, regional and local administrations, the scientific community and financial organizations developing projects in the field of renewable energy.

Developing renewable energy
developing regions

Today, the retail market of renewable energy in Russia starts to grow rapidly. To the previously implemented projects in isolated energy regions of the Far East new projects in other regions of the country are being added. A system of support for energy supply projects for consumers on the basis of RES, at the regional level and in terms of the development of microgeneration, is being formed. The potential for further development of RES projects in retail markets, including remote and isolated areas, is obvious.

  • What additional measures should be taken to support the implementation of RES projects on retail markets?
  • How can we use the international experience in the development of renewable energy projects?
  • What technological solutions are needed in different regions of the country?
  • What promising technologies based on renewable energy sources can be used for power supply of consumers in the near future?
  • What funding options are available?
  • The forum participants will try to answer these and many other questions during round tables and panel discussions.

The international forum "Renewable energy for regional development" is held jointly with the international exhibition "RENWEX 2020 Renewable energy & Electric Vehicle", during which advanced technologies and solutions in the field of construction and operation of energy facilities using RES will be demonstrated.

The forum will allow market participants to establish new business contacts, exchange of experience and relevant information on available support tools, technical solutions and initiatives in the field of alternative energy development and to develop new projects.

Organizing Committee

  • Alexey Kaplun
  • George Kekelidze
  • Sergey Yatsenya
  • Christoph Urbschat
  • Dina Yatskova


Participation of delegates in the conference is free of charge. Participants pay for their own arrival and accommodation in Moscow. The organizers, if necessary, can provide assistance with hotel reservations. When planning your participation, please see the schedule of arriving flights. It is also recommended to buy tickets in advance.

The international forum "Renewable energy for regional development" is a non-profit event, participation of delegates in the conference is free. At the same time, the organizers expect voluntary sponsorship from commercial companies in order to improve the overall level of the event.

Key benefits of voluntary sponsorship:

  • Information support of the company's participation in the forum. It includes the application of the logo on all information media (where provided), the work of the press center of the conference (ensuring the distribution of the press release, the organization of a special press approach).
  • Guaranteed performance of the company's speaker in one of the sessions within the business program.
  • Placing information boards about the company. Laying out their own handouts.
  • Distribution of advertising of the company together with the main handouts of the Forum.
  • Possibility to hold own events within the framework of the Conference (signing of agreements, briefings and press conferences).

Please check with the organizers about possible sponsorship packages and the cost of services.

Dina Yatskova